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Audience and Purpose


Here are the policies of the Madison Public Library, provided as a reference for the library's community and patrons with any inquiries or concerns. These policies undergo regular review by the current library board of trustees, comprising residents of the community we proudly serve.

The policies are in place to ensure that library resources are available on as widespread and equitable basis as is possible.

“The use of the Madison Public Library constitutes acceptance of all library policies.”

Meet the Library Board.png
Kelly Dybdahl
City Commissioner
Kelli Wollmann
County Commissioner

Trustees serve as the public's representatives to the library and as the library's representative to the public it serves.  

The majority of South Dakotas public library boards of trustees are governing or administrative boards, as laid out in SD law. This means that they are responsible, among other duties, for:

  • Setting policy 

  • Empowering the library director to manage day-to-day operations of the library 

  • Engaging in strategic planning 

  • Approving library expenditures and submitting a budget

  • Reporting annually to the city or county 

  • Submitting annual statistics to the state library

The board is selected by the city to serve terms as determined by that body. 

Library Board Meetings

3rd Tuesday of the Month


Nancy Sabbe Room, Madison Public Library

Agendas are posted here:

Library Policies

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