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Mobile Hotspots

To increase digital access for area residents, mobile hotspots are available to borrow from the Madison Public Library.  Mobile hotspots help fulfill the Library’s mission of providing appropriate technology by offering an access point to digital resources.

A “hotspot” consists of a mobile wireless hotspot device, a charger, charger cord, and case.  Borrowers are responsible for the safekeeping and return of these items to the library in good working order.  Borrowers assume liability for the equipment while in their care.

Performance of the hotspot will vary depending on location and coverage in the area and on the device connected to the hotspot.

Hotspots must be kept in a temperature-controlled environment.

Madison Public Library does its best to provide clean, secure, and fully functional equipment, but is not responsible for charging the device or for unforeseen hardware or software issues.  Users who experience issues are advised to contact the library.  If an immediate solution cannot be found, the device will be returned, and the patron will be added to the front of the hold list.

Mobile Hotspot Lending Policy Agreement

Adopted by the Madison Public Library Board of Trustees, December 2020

Library of Things

Collection Development and Circulation Policy

The Library of Things is a collection of non-traditional library items that complement the Madison Public Library’s mission of providing access to dynamic collections and appropriate technology for the Madison community. Patrons who borrow a Thing agree to abide by the Library of Things lending guidelines below.

Types of Things included in collection:

  • Home Improvement and Assistive Devices, such as a kitchen and cooking equipment, household tools, etc.

  • Audiovisual Equipment, such as a speaker, projector, video equipment, etc.

  • Recreation and Crafting Tools, such as games, musical instruments, a Cricut machine, outdoor games, etc.


The Library of Things is not intended to be comprehensive and the library is limited by a finite amount of storage space for these items. For a full list of items available, visit the library website or library catalog.

Procurement of Materials:

The Library of Things collection is developed and managed to meet the cultural, informational, educational, and recreational needs of library patrons in Madison and Lake County. The library’s professional staff will select materials based on the needs of library patrons. The library welcomes input from the community concerning the collection. All suggestions for purchase are evaluated using the same selections criteria as for other materials and are not automatically added to the collection.

Due to limited storage space and the staff time necessary to evaluate, test and maintain each Thing, the library can accept only a limited number of donations. The library does not accept materials that are not outright gifts, and cannot guarantee the permanence of a gift in the collection. Materials donated to the library are received with the understanding that they are subject to the same selection, evaluation and disposal criteria as material acquired for purchase.

Not all library materials may be suitable for all members of the community. Responsibility for a child’s use of library materials, regardless of format or content, lies with the parent or guardian, not with the library.

Due to the nature of the items contained in the Library of Things, these items will not be eligible for Interlibrary Loan to other libraries. All library patrons are required to check out and return Library of Things items to a staff member at the Front Desk at the Madison Public Library during operating hours.

Evaluation of Collection:

The library will use circulation data and community suggestions to guide future selections for the Library of Things collection. Items that are not popular and do not circulate will be withdrawn from library collections according to the Collection Maintenance portion of the Collection Development Policy.

Library's Use of Things:

The library reserves the right to take a Thing out of circulation temporarily to use for library purposes (workshops, demonstrations, or other programs), or to repair a damaged item.

Library of Things Guidelines for Borrowing and Use:

Objects lent out by the Library through its Library of Things program must be checked out from and returned to the Front Desk of the Madison Public Library. They may NOT be returned in the drop box or at any other location. Because of the variety of Things available to check out, some of which are fragile, expensive, and/or designed for use by individuals of a certain maturity level, circulation policies have been developed based on the type of Thing to be checked out.

Loan Periods:
Most Things may be borrowed for 1 week or 2 week intervals, depending on the item, and renewed per the library’s general policies. Items will not be renewed if another patron has placed a hold on it. Some items may be for use in the library only, or may have other restrictions. The library does not charge fines, however a library card may be blocked immediately if a Thing becomes overdue.

Use and Liability:
Use care when handling the Thing. The borrower is solely responsible for the Thing and will be billed for reasonable repair or replacement costs associated with damage or loss of Things and/or peripherals due to neglect or abuse. The Library has sole discretion in making these decisions.

  • A list of replacement costs of Things is maintained by the Library and is available upon request.

  • A list of replacement costs will also typically be provided in the case for each Thing.

  • The Library of Things Lending Agreement is available online and upon request.

  • Patrons may be asked to sign a copy of the Agreement when checking out some items.

  • The Madison Public Library is not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur from use of a Thing. The responsibility to protect against loss is the borrower’s.

  • Library staff will inspect Things prior to borrowing and again upon return. Things should be returned in the same condition as when borrowed. Items that have gotten dirty while borrowed should be cleaned before being returned. Patrons returning items that need to be cleaned will be assessed a $5.00 cleaning fee.

  • Return the Thing with all parts and components in the original library container to the Front Desk of the Library.

  • Patrons will be responsible for any damage to a Thing while in their possession.

  • The borrower accepts full responsibility for the Thing while it is checked out to them.

  • The borrower agrees to abide by all lending guidelines.

  • The borrower agrees to accept full financial liability for the Thing and accessories while
    it is checked out to them.

  • The borrower agrees to return the Thing to the staff member working at the Front Desk of Madison Public Library.

  • The borrower agrees that failure to comply with any of these rules and guidelines may result in the loss of borrowing privileges.

  • Violations may result in loss of access to the library collection. Unlawful activities will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Circulation Policies for Things covered by this Policy:

1. Prior to borrowing Library of Things items all patrons must (a) have a permanent library card with fines less than $5.00 (b) sign an agreement form.

2. Patrons must be 18 years or older to borrow Library of Things items.

3. While staff can provide a basic overview of items in the collection, by taking possession of any item, the patron is certifying that he or she is capable of using the item in a safe and appropriate manner.

4. Only the borrower who has checked the item out is authorized to use it. The borrower shall not permit the use of items checked out to him or her by any other person. If the borrower allows others to use the items, the borrower assumes all liability for such use.

5. Library of Things borrowing periods vary based on individual items.

6. All Library of Things items borrowed must be returned during the library’s open hours to the circulation desk.

7. Patrons may have only 1 Library of Things item checked out at a time.

8. The library is not responsible for any manufacturing defects in quality of workmanship or materials inherent in any borrowed Library of Things items.

9. If any borrowed Library of Things item becomes unsafe or in a state of disrepair, the patron must immediately discontinue use of the item and notify the library of the issue on return.

10. All Library of Things are to be returned in the same condition as they were issued, barring normal wear and tear. The patron agrees to pay for the loss of or damage to any item.

11. All Library of Things items must be returned clean.

12. The library reserves the right to refuse the loan of any item at its discretion.

Thing Lending Agreement and Release of All Claims Document

Adopted by the Madison Public Library Board of Trustees,

March, 2023

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