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Weiss Financial Rating Series

Weiss Ratings

Use Weiss Financial Ratings to find information about budgeting, investing in stocks and mutual funds, and managing debt. Check the financial strength of your bank, credit union, or insurance company. Explore the Financial Literacy Tools section for valuable tips and information on buying a home, saving for your child’s education, planning for retirement, protecting yourself from identity theft, and more. You can also research Medigap Plans and learn how to select a Medigap plan that works for you as well as which insurance company has the lowest rates. (Use your library card to access this resource at home.)



Financial Ratings Series Online, powered by Weiss Ratings & Grey House Publishing, gives library patrons the ability to download their own customized Medicare Supplement Insurance Buyers Guide.  This easy-to-use Buyers Guide is written in clear, understandable language to give patrons sound advice when navigating some difficult decisions about Medicare and their many options for Supplement Insurance.

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