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The Math Machine

Earn a token for our Math Stories Toy Vending machine by playing with math!  Each day (or night) read and work through a silly math story and color in a star on the bookmark below.  When all 15 stars are colored in, bring it into the library for a special token to the Math Machine—only Math Machine tokens will work!

Q: How do I find the stories?

A: Find a fun daily math story on the website (, on the free app (Bedtime Math), or check out one of Bedtime Math books from the library.

Q: How old does my child need to be to solve these math stories?

A: These stories are for everyone!  The math questions at the end are leveled, starting at kindergarten and building through to about 5th grade.  Choose the level that works best for your child.  We suggest the question that stretches their thinking but keeps it fun.

Q: How long is a story?

A: It's just a short paragraph.  It takes less than 5 minutes for you and your child to work through a math story.

Q: Where can I find a Math Stories bookmark?

A: The button below! 

Or… come into the library and pick one up. 

Or… Make your own!  Just keep a tally of the days you complete a math story and when you hit 15 times, come in for a token.

Q: Where are the stories again?

A: Online @

In the app store or Google Play @ Bedtime Math (free)

Books @ the Madison Public Library

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: or 605-256-7525

Math Prize Machine

...Front and Back of Math Stories Bookmark...

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